Website Update - 4th July 2013

This man needs our help!

I have been contacted by an obsessive fan of WarCry from Spain who has asked for our help. Read all about his valiant quest here.

My god, it really has been 6 years since I did any work on this site. Unfortunately, due to various life pressures I have been unable to keep the site updated as I intended but I hope some of you have found (and maybe still do find) it useful and informative.

Website Update - 10th July 2007

CCGtools game champions.

I am looking for volunteers to help me maintain this website. My goal is to include many more card games on this website. To do this I will need help. I am looking for volunteers to help add card data to the game databases and keep them up to date. With the effort of data entry passed into capable hands I can concentrate on adding other CCG's to the databases.

Volunteers that choose to champion a game on CCGtools will initially be able to enter set data, card data and submit card images to the database for their game. The main requirements for your role as a game champion is access to as complete a set of cards for your chosen CCG as possible, a means of scanning the card images for submission and an up to date knowledge of the games tournament environment, rulings and errata.

If you would be interested in championing a game on CCGtools then create a login account on this site (if you haven't already) and then drop me an email at

Other changes this update:

Website Update - 1st June 2007

Only two major changes in addition to minor debugging this time.

Firstly I have taken steps to try and make the site much faster by moving to new servers. I hope this improves dramatically the extended page loading times many users will have experienced.

Secondly I have reinstated a working version of the Game of Thrones deck builder.

Website Update - 1st April 2007

Recent updates:

Website Update - 17th January 2007

Happy new year!

The main changes with this update are some revisions to the deck builder. I have modified the layout, added a printer friendly display option and added a validation check. Decks that are created are continually monitored by the builder to ensure they are suitable for play. Any problems are displayed on the deck information screen.

I have removed my 'web-shop' for 2 reasons really. Most importantly it stopped me mentioning my site and it's features on the Sabertooth games forums thus making it unlikely that the people who are most likely to benefit from my efforts would ever know about it, and secondly because I am unlikely to add any stock to it in the near future due to time constraints.

I have added much more card data for UFS cards that have been released, hopefully increasing the usefulness of the site. Sadly time has not allowed me to add images. If anyone has card images for UFS they would be willing to contribute to the site and wants to help then please email me.

Website update - 21st December 2006

Once again it has been a busy few months with me experimenting with various rewrites of the website. I have finally achieved something I am happy with and here it is.

I have begun to add the new UFS CCG from Sabertooth Games to the database. At the moment the card data sets are incomplete but the search engine function is working.

Not all of the checklist and spoiler options are working for UFS yet but I will enable the options as and when I get the chance.

I have attempted to port all of the old website functions over but due to time constraints there have been some casualties. The WarCry gold card sets is temporarily gone and the deck buidling functions for A Game of Thrones are not yet enabled.

My WarCry deck builder has had a major update. You can now keep your 'sideboard' cards separate from the rest of your action deck. the sideboard option is also conditional upon having 'Call In The Reserves' in your action deck.

I have created a shop to get rid of some of my spare cards. Stocks will be added as and when I can.